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    Why breed the Czech goose?

    An attentive reader of these pages will ask why shall we breed and save the Czech goose? Let us summarize the arguments for and against, and then you will find out that breeding the Czech goose still makes a sense.

    Summary: If you are looking for a suitable goose breed for your yard and you want to produce meat for your family with minimal costs, the Czech Goose is the breed that you are looking for.

    For a family of 4-6 persons, the goslings from 1-2 pairs of Czech geese will be enough to provide fresh goose meat for a year (unless you want roasted goose every day). The Czech goose grows slowly, and it takes a relatively long time for them to grow to slaughter weight. On the other hand, most of its feed is obtained from grazing (which is for free) with minimum additional feeding by wheat. With larger goose breeds or broiler geese, you have to additionally feed by purchased feed (wheat, corn meals, poultry feed mixes with soybean) to get sufficient yield. So the total cost of keeping the Czech goose will be lower, but net meat yield will be higher.

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