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    How to sex Czech geese

    Sexing geese according the appearance is not the best way to identify the gender of the geese.

    Both male and female are purely white, and even the weight is not always reliable.

    100% reliable sexing of geese

    Geese, as well as other birds from the family Anatidae and ostriches, have a penis. Other birds do not have a penis. If you wish to determine the gender of the geese with 100% accuracy, the only way how to do it is to find the penis in the cloaca. This is the best way how to do it: one sitting person puts the goose with head down between his legs, fixing the wings with his thighs. It is great if another person can assist fix the goose legs. Push the goose tail toward its back to gain better access to cloaca. With fingers, slowly open the cloaca in all directions. If it's a male, his penis will protrude. Even just hatched goslings can be identified in this way, but you must be careful not to injure them. Gosling's penises are very small (immature, not fully developed) so it can be easily confused with one of the lobes in the cloaca.

    Male of Czech goose
    Male of Czech goose

    Female of Czech goose
    Female of Czech goose

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