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    Eat Czech goose to save the Czech goose!

    The Czech people have bred Czech geese for one purpose only - utility (meat, liver, goose fat, feathers). Although it may sound a bit backwards, the only way how to save this breed is to utilize it again.

    Current trends are from large-scale intensive farming to organic farming. Organic farmers produce high quality food without pesticides, which can have a negative impact on human health. Organic farms and their customers provide an opportunity to save the Czech goose.

    Eat it to save it!

    Also you can help to save the Czech goose! Even if you are living in the city and you cannot keep geese, you can contribute through what you eat. In your butchery ask for what breeds the meat comes from. Unfortunately, even in Czech supermarkets you can not buy true Czech geese. Even if they are marked as "Czech goose", in fact it is just a broiler hybrid goose. If you wish to taste a true Czech goose, you have to travel to the Czech countryside and buy it from local organic farmers. If we increase the demand for true Czech geese, they can enjoy a bright tomorrow.

    Across Europe there are many local goose breeds in danger of extinction due to lack of interest. Until the beginning of the 20th century they were kept in flocks of thousands, but now only a few hundred remain. If you are unable to find genuine Czech goose in your butchery, check up this page to learn about other endangered local goose breeds which need your attention too.

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