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    Crested Czech goose

    Crested geese are known from the Homeric era (8th-7th century BC). The crest on the top of the head is genetically determined. It appears as if the cranial sutures are not fully joined. Crested geese occurred here and there in the population of Czech geese for centuries. In the 1970s and 1980s Czech breeders decided to breed the crested goose. As such, they created a separate breed, which was recognized in 1988 as the Crested Czech Goose.

    Crested Czech goose

    Now there are 6 recognized breeds of crested geese around the world: the American Buff Goose, the Emporda Goose, the Tufted Roman Goose, the Normandy goose, the West of England Goose and the Czech goose. Only crested Emporda Geese are kept, while all other breeds are kept with the crest as well as without.

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