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Czech heritage goose breed

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    Czech Goose

    Czech goose is the only goose breed native to Czechia. It is a landrace kept here for several centuries.

    photo Czech goose

    Compared with other goose breeds, the Czech goose is relatively small, but hardy, resistant and unassuming in feeding and breeding. The geese have a very good maternal instinct to hatch the eggs and raise the goslings.

    The feathers of Czech geese are high quality, have a very favourable ratio of down compared to other kinds of feathers. For centuries it was a valuable material for filling pillows.

    Czech goose is a suitable breed especially for small-scale extensive farming, as well as for hobby farmers, because of its very good grazing ability. Because of its smaller body size, the total meat production is somewhat lower. Due to this reason, the Czech goose cannot compete with large broiler hybrid geese. Its advantage is in the larger net slaughter yield and higher quality meat, which is finer and tastier.

    Due to lower feeding demands, its breeding is more profitable for small farmers compared to the breeding of heavy goose breeds or broiler hybrid geese.

    The Czech goose was once widespread on the Czech countryside. Especially in the southern and western Bohemia, goose breeding was a significant source of financial income for smaller farmers. Until the middle of the 19th century, more than 50,000 geese were exported each year to Bavaria (Germany), more than 1,000 tons of feathers to Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, 100 tons of eggs to Germany, Belgium and even England.

    Breed description

    Czech goose

    gander 5,5-6,6 kg
    goose 3,5-5,6 kg

    Egg production 10-20 eggs

    Egg weight 120 g

    Egg Colour white

    Utilisation meat, feather, (eggs)

    Ring size
    gander 24 mm
    goose 24 mm

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